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IRIScan Mouse - OMP Warning - Cannot open message catalog

This issue occurs when using the product on non-English Windows computers. It does not prevent the product from working but is an unnecessary distraction. 

The easiest way to fix it is at the Windows command prompt.

  1. Do a Search for this : cmd
  2. When it comes up right click on it and choose Run as administrator
  3. Type or paste this text and press enter: setx KMP_WARNINGS /M "0"
  4. The issue will be resolved

If the above solution didn't help, try this one:

  1. Press the Windows key and hen the letter R to bring up the run dialog
  2. Type of paste in this text : control.exe sysdm.cpl,System,3
  3. Click on the Environmental Variables button on the lower right
  4. Under System Variable at the bottom click on New
  5. Set the Variable name to KMP_WARNINGS
  6. Set the Variable value to 0 (Note: it's a zero)

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