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How to process low-resolution images

A resolution of 300 to 400 dpi is required to obtain optimal results in Readiris. When you are faced with low-resolution images, the best thing you can do is re-can the images in an appropriate resolution. If that's not possible, there are few tips and tricks that help you obtain better results:

Tip 1
When scanning images of an unknown resolution or images of which the file header displays an incorrect resolution, make sure to select the option Process as 300 dpi:

  • Click the down arrow beneath the Scan button.
  • Then click Settings.
  • Select the option Process as 300 dpi.

When this option is selected, Readiris treats the images as if they had a 300 dpi resolution.

Tip 2
When scanning images with a digital camera, make sure to select the Digital camera option:

  • Click the down arrow beneath the Scan button.
  • Then click Settings.
    Select the option Digital Camera.

Tip 3 (Readiris Corporate only)
Make sure that favor Accuracy over Speed when processing low-quality documents:

  • Click the expansion arrow on the Language group.
  • Move the slider to Accuracy.

When you are processing low-resolution faxes, there is no need to take special measures. Readiris detects the typical fax resolutions 100 x 200 dpi (normal quality), 200 x 200 dpi (fine quality) and 200 x 400 dpi (superfine quality) and preprocesses these images automatically to ensure optimal results.

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