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There are no zones to be recognized on this page

This is unlikely to occur in versions 15 & 16 because the page analysis is automatic.

"No zones defined" means that no zones were drawn to identify the text and other elements on the scanned document. Here are listed different reasons why you could have that message:

  • The page is not placed in the correct position and must be reversed.
  • The page is upside-down and must be rotated at 180°
  • No text could be defined because all the text on the original document is low contrast (ex: dark characters on black background)
  • If you have only 1 blue frame (graphic frame) or no frames over the scanned image document and Readiris thinks then that it's only one big picture.
  • There is no text on the scanned document (e.g. a speckled white/blank page)

Readiris draws boxes around your document to indicate that it has identified text, images, tables or optionally barcodes and hand printing on your document. These boxes or zones are necessary to process the document correctly. If a zone is not present over a section then that area is ignored in the output and will not be included. By and large the program correctly identifies the elements on the page so just click "Recognize and Save" button, on the left side of the screen, to perform the recognition or conversion on your document.

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