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Readiris Format settings

The Readiris™ is OCR software that can convert your scanned image into a text document. The first thing it does is analyze the page and puts color coded boxes over various sections of the document to tell you what it intends to do with the various sections if converting to a text based format.
Create body text.
Use this option if you don't want Readiris to format your document. You get continuous, running text with no differences in fonts or font sizes. All formatting, if any, is done afterwards by the user.
Retain word and paragraph formatting.
This option keeps the general format structure of the scanned document. However, no graphics are captured, the text blocks and columns aren't recreated - the paragraphs just follow each other. The tables are recaptured correctly.
Recreate source document.
This option will make a true copy of the document you just scanned. The text blocks, tables and graphics are recreated in the same place, and the word and paragraph formatting are maintained across the document. These sub options are available depending on what degree of final editing is required.

- Use columns instead of frames
Uses columns instead of text boxes (frames) to position the information on the page
- Insert column breaks
Confines text to the column where located instead of flowing to the next column
Example: with Microsoft Word.
These boxes can be manipulated and change to suit your needs.
This is not perfected technology because of the nearly infinite variations in text, formatting and image quality. Because of that it is inevitable that there will be some mistakes when sending to Word.
If you are getting boxes in the Word document then make this settings change in Readiris™ and reprocess.
Go to Settings > Text Format and look under the layout Section/Tab. If only the Recreate source document is selected then it uses text boxes to position the elements on the page.
The solution is either to check the Use columns instead of frames or revert to Retain Word and Paragraph formatting.

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    Would like to buy iris 14 or 15 +. I do not have iris on my computer.



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