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IRIScan Book 3 - Mac Walkthrough

To Start

  1. Insert the 3 AAA batteries into the scanner. The cover is on the top where the USB plug is located. There is an "Open ►" embossed into the cover. To access the battery compartment  place your thumb on the cover and slide off to the right ¼ inch and then lift the cover free.
  2. Insert the micro SD card into the scanner with the copper contacts facing up. You should see an SD icon appear on the scanner screen when you press and hold the green button to power on the scanner.
  3. This scanner does not use a TWAIN driver since it is intended to be used as a mobile device that is not required to be tethered to the computer.  Because of that you will not be able to start a scan with the included Readiris or any other software.

With the scanner disconnected all scans are stored as JPG or PDF files on the micro SD card plugged into the side of the scanner. These can be opened and processed in the included Readiris software. See pages 3 - 5 in the guide. The USB cable is only used to transfer the files stored on the micro SD card to the computer.

To Scan

  1. Disconnect the USB cable if plugged in.
  2. Make sure the micro SD is plugged into the side of the scanner.
  3. Set the format and scan resolution using the buttons on the scanner. As the scan resolution increases the speed with the item can be scanned must be slower or error message will result.
  4. Position the scanner on the page and press and release the SCAN button. The word SCAN will appear on the LCD screen. Slide the scanner down/across the page and press and release the SCAN button again to end the scan. The counter on the LCD will increment up by one.

Transfer files 

There are two ways to transfer images from the scanner to the Mac.

  1. Unplug the micro SD from the scanner and use the adapter to plug it into an SD slot on your computer. You can use Finder to move the files from the DCIM > 100MEDIA folder on the micro SD.
  2. Leave the micro SD plugged into the scanner and plug the scanner itself into the computer with the USB cable. The LCD screen should display a picture of a monitor with a cable running to it. You can use Finder to move the files.

Process with Readiris  

The purpose of Readrisis to convert a scanned or preexisting image/PDF into a Word, Pages, Excel or searchable PDF document depending on the nature of the document and your goal for it.

  1. Plug the scanner into the computer with the USB cable or plug in the SD card
  2. A drive icon should appear on your desktop.
  3. Open Readiris and it will detect the scanner or storage card/drive and offer to open the images stored there.
    a. To select some of the images - Single click on the first image then hold down the Apple (Command) key and select the desired images.
    b. To select all the images - Single click on the first image then hold down the shift key and select the last
  4. Select output format and options by clicking the Export Options 
  5. Select the format on the left and check the box for Ask File name and location.
  6. Click on the choose button and navigate to the program in the Applications folder that you want to open the output in.
  7. Click on the desired format to process to an output file.


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