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The light on my IRIScan Pro 3 remains red (PC)

When the light on the scanner remains red there are two possible causes:

  1. The scanner driver is not installed. Verify that the scanner driver is installed.
    On a Windows PC: go to Control Panel > Device manager > Imaging Devices. If there is an entry with a yellow exclamation point right-click it, choose Update drivers and let it search automatically. If there is an entry outside of imaging devices labeled "unknown device" or "600 dpi scanner" or similar then do the same thing. If necessary download and install the driver from the CD or this link:
  2. The scanner needs to be reseated in its base. Make sure the scanner is fully seated in its base and the upper flip down and rear doors (look for two black plastic tabs) are closed. Remove and reseat the scanner. There are two gray release buttons on either side of the scanner. Use those to release the scanner to reseat it. When reseating tilt the scanner towards you to engage the two tabs at the bottom then rock it back to latch. Also check to see if there is a piece of tape that was missed when unpacking the scanner. 

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