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IRIScan Book 3 - How to calibrate

This procedure must only to be used if the scanner is not working properly. It must not be used before first use.

  • Clean the CIS glass at the bottom using a clean cloth.
  • Power on the scanner. The microSD card may be inserted but this is not required.
  • Put the scanner on a white A4 paper.
  • Press and hold the following buttons simultaneously: "↑"(Playback) "↓" (Resolution) and “Scan”.
  • Then release all the buttons.
  • The LED should display "1111".
    This means the scanner has entered Calibration mode. Wait for approximately 2 minutes.
  • If the LED displays "2222", press Scan once and slide the scanner gently over the A4 paper. "3333" is now displayed during the calibration process. Keep on sliding the scanner until it powers off automatically.
  • After this procedure the calibration is completed. When you power the scanner back on it should work properly.
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