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IRIScan Pro 3 Wi-Fi - How do I change the scanning date and time?

The default scanning date attributed to scans is 2011/01/01/00/00.

To modify it:

  • Create a .txt file (in Notepad for instance) and name it time.txt.
  • Inside the file, type in the date and time in the following format:
    YYYY/MM/DD/HH/MM. For instance 2017/02/17/13/18.
  • Save the time.txt file.
  • Connect the scanner to a computer using the USB cable.
  • Browse for the IRIScan folder and copy-paste the time.txt file to the root of the folder.
  • Disconnect the scanner and restart it.
  • Make a test scan and check if the date of the scan is correct.


  • If you remove the battery from the scanner, the scanning date is no longer correct and needs to be modified again.
  • Mind the supported range of values when entering the date:
    • YYYY: from 2014 tot 2050.
    • MM: from 01 to 12.
    • DD: from 01 to 31.
    • HH: from 01 to 24.
    • MM: from 00 to 60.
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