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IRIScan Book 5 Mac - Walk through

Setup - Scanner

  1. On first use charge the scanner by plugging in a USB cable to a computer or preferably a USB wall adapter commonly packaged with cell phones.
  2. Insert the microSD card with the copper contacts facing up.
  3. Turn on the scanner by pressing and holding the center Scan | Power | Select button.
  4. Use the DPI button to set the resolution to 300 – 600 -1200 DPI
  5. Use the JPG-PDF button to select the desired format.
  6. Use the Settings – Trash button to set other options.
    ♦ The DPI button is used to scroll up.
    ♦ The JPG-PDF button is used to scroll down.
    ♦ The Scan | Power | Select button is used to select

Setup – Readiris 16

Go to   and select your product. Fill out the registration form. Use the Batch Number printed on the side of the box the product came in.

The purpose of the Readiris program is to convert the scans or preexisting image/PDF into a Word, Excel or searchable PDF document depending on the nature of the document and your goal for it. You can also use it with other TWAIN or Image Capture based scanner.


The product previously came with a different version of the software. Because of that we had to change the way the software activates. Now the presence of the scanner auto activates the software.

Plug the micro SD card into the slot on the scanner
Turn the scanner and plug it into the computer.
When you see this icon on the scanner start the software and it should activate itself.

How to scan

  1. Position the scanner at the top of the page and press and release the scan button.
  2. Move the scanner down the page and press the scan button to end the scan. The on screen counter will increment up by one.
  3. It is not possible to start a scan from within the Readiris or any other software.

How to access the scans

  1. Attach the scanner to the computer with the USB cable and the screen will change to a picture of a monitor.   The scanner will be seen as attached storage like a USB flash drive so a drive icon will appear on your desktop.
  2. Remove the microSD from the scanner and use the adapter to plug it into the SD card slot of your computer if you have one.
  3. Wi-Fi - Press the left most button with the broadcast line to turn on the Wi-Fi.
    a. It will flash red and then turn solid green when ready.
    b. Open the Mac Wi-Fi dialog and connect to the IRIScan Book- xxxx.
    c. Use this password, 12345678.
    d. Open a web browser and type in this IP address and press enter.
    e. This will open a page where you can view/download the files.

From Readiris 

  1. Attach the scanner to the computer with the USB cable.
  2. Open the Readiris software and it should open a window where you can select the files you want to work with.
    a)   To select all the images - Single click on the first image then hold down the Apple (Command) key and select the last.
    b)   To select some of the images - Single click on the first image then hold down the Shift key and select the desired images.
  3. Set the destination (immediately open in a suitable program) and options by clicking the Export Options button.
  4. Choose Open in Application then set it to Word, Pages, Excel or Preview.
  5. Click on the To button for the format you want to process to an output file.
Choose files or drag and drop files
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