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IRIScan Book 5 WiFi - How to access your scanned documents via Wifi

You can access the scanned documents on your scanner via Wifi using a computer, tablet or smartphone.

To do so:

  • Press the Scan/Power/Enter button for 2 seconds to power on the scanner.
  • Enable the Wifi:
    • Press the Wifi button. A red Wifi indicator starts flashing.
    • The Wifi is ready for use when the red Wifi indicator turns green.
  • Turn on the Wifi connection on your computer and select the IRIScanBook-f2XXX network.

  • When you do this for the first time, you are prompted to enter the password. The password is 12345678.
  • Establish the connection.

Note: when connected to the IRIScan Book network, you do not have access to the Internet.

  • Open a Web browser and enter: or
    You access the card's contents on a secured file server.

Tip: you can also download and edit your documents in the InstantResult Wifi 2 app (not available on Mac OS).

  • Now download the required files. To do so:
    • Click the desired folder to view the scanned images.
    • Select the file(s) by ticking the boxes in the Delete/Download column.
    • Click the download icon.
    • The file will be saved as JPG image, PDF or Multi-PDF file depending on the chosen output format during scanning.

Note: on a Windows PC, the files are saved as a .tar file. You need a file archiver like 7-zip to unzip them.

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