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How to use IRISNotes on Android

IRIS would like to inform you that IRISNotes products are now end of life. It means they are no longer supported. If you want to activate the software, please not that it's no longer possible. For more information, please refer to our support policy.

In the IRISNotes app you can capture handwritten notes as JPG and PDF images. You can either use the IRISNotes pen on a piece of paper, or use your fingers to write directly on your smartphone screen.

You can also save live recordings of your notes - including spoken comments - so they can be used in MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). You can for instance create micro-lectures to help students learn online, provide online one-on-one tutoring where you use your tablet and smartphone as whiteboard, correct homework online, etc. The IRISNotes technology makes it very easy to enter mathematical and chemical formulas, drawings, diagrams, calculations and so on.

The recordings are very small in size, i.e. less than 1 MB and have a maximum recording time of 5 minutes.

Install the app

  • Go to the Play Store and search for the IRISNotes app.
  • Tap Install and follow the instructions.
    The app will be installed in the language of your interface. If that language is not available the app will be installed in English.

Connect the receiver to the IRISNotes app

Before you begin: do not use a USB cable to connect your mobile device to a computer when using the IRISNotes app. This may cause errors.

  • Briefly press the power button on the receiver to power it on.
  • Briefly press the Bluetooth button to activate Bluetooth.
  • Now activate Bluetooth on your Android device.
  • Open the IRISNotes app and tap the pen icon.

  • The IRISNotes pen is displayed on screen. Tap the pen name to connect. When the connection is complete the following message appears: Connected to the device successfully.

Tip: if you want the receiver to connect automatically to the app next time you activate Bluetooth on both devices, then select Connect to the device automatically.

  • Tap Confirm to complete the process.

Important: the receiver cannot be connected to more than one Bluetooth device at the same time. To connect it to another device you must first disconnect it. To do so, tap the Bluetooth icon and then tap Disconnect.

Upload notes from the receiver

  • To upload all the notes you have written outside the IRISNotes app, connect the receiver to the app via Bluetooth as explained above.
  • In the IRISNotes app tap the upload icon.
    Uploading notes...please wait now appears at the bottom of the screen.

  • Wait until the confirmation message is displayed:
    • Click Delete if you want to delete all notes from the receiver. The counter on the receiver will be set to zero.
    • Click OK if you want to keep the notes on the receiver.
  • All your notes will be bundled into a single file in My Notes.
    The file name starts with Upload_.
  • Tap the note to open it.
    At the bottom of the screen a number indicates how many pages the note contains. E.g. 1/3. Swipe the screen to view the other pages (if any).

Write notes inside the app

  • Connect the receiver to the app via Bluetooth as explained above.
  • Clip the receiver unit to a sheet of paper.

Tip: always place the unit at the top center of a page.

Important: make sure the receiver is disconnected from your computer.

  • Start writing a note.
    While you write you should see the pen icon on the display.
  • If the screen is full and you want to continue on the next page, tap the next page icon.
  • To save your current notes, tap the save icon and then enter a file name.
    Note that a single note may contain multiple pages.
  • To access your saved notes, tap the menu icon > My Notes.

  • Tap a note to view its content.
    If a note contains multiple pages, the numbers are indicated at the bottom. E.g. 1/3.
  • To return to writing notes, tap Write Notes.

Share notes

The notes you have stored in My Notes can be shared as JPG and PDF file on your favorite social media.

  • In My Notes, tap the note you want to share.
    Note that you cannot share multiple files the same time.
  • Select the required format in the top right corner: PDF or JPG.

Tip: if the note you want to share contains multiple pages, select PDF.

  • Then select how you want to share the note.
    Note that the available apps depend on the format you selected.

  • To share an entire upload, which contains multiple notes, tap and hold a file whose name starts with upload_.
  • Then tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen and select the app of your choice.
    Note that uploads are always shared as PDF files.
    Also note that you cannot share multiple uploads at the same time.
  • To return to writing notes, tap Write Notes.

Record notes

  • To record your writing process, tap the record icon.
    A timer starts running.
  • To end the recording, tap the save icon left of the timer.

  • Enter a file name and tap Confirm.
  • To access your saved recordings, tap the menu icon > My Videos.
  • To return to writing notes, tap Write Notes.

Share recordings

The recordings you have stored in My Videos can be shared as .mp4 files on your favorite social media.

  • In My Videos tap a recording you want to preview.
  • To share a video, tap and hold it until an icon bar appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the export icon to share the recording.
    Note that you cannot export multiple recordings at the same time.
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