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How to scan business cards in duplex to Cardiris Mac

Cardiris Mac does not natively support the duplex function of the IRIScan Pro 5.

To scan business cards in duplex to Cardiris Mac:

  • Make sure the scanner is connected correctly and its drivers are properly installed.
  • Power on the scanner.
  • Insert your business card in the Front Feed Tray, with the front side facing up and the top side of the card facing the scanner.
  • In Cardiris click Scan & Create.

  • The Scanner Settings are now displayed.
  • Unselect Rear Color.

  • Click Scan to start the scanning.
  • Now click the Back tab in Cardiris.

  • Click Scan Image.
    Important: do not click Scan & Create now. Otherwise the rear side will be scanned as a new front side.

  • The Scanner Settings are displayed again.
  • Now unselect Front Color.
    By unselecting Front Color you don't need to physically turn the card inside the scanner.
  • Click Scan to start the scanning.
  • Both the Front and the Rear side of the card are now scanned correctly to Cardiris.

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