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IRIScan Book 5 & 5 WiFi - Scanned documents are reversed (mirrored)

Most often this issue is a matter of scanning technique. Have the scanner on the paper before starting the scan. Avoid lifting the scanner before ending the scan.

  • Position the scanner at the top of the page and press and release the scan button.
  • Move the scanner down the page and press the scan button to end the scan. The on screen counter will increment up by one.

It would also be benificial to calibrate the scanner.

To do so:

  • Place the scanner on a clean, white A3 sheet of paper on a flat surface in ambient light.
  • Power on the scanner.
  • While pressing and holding the Up/DPI and the JPG/PDF/Multi-PDF/Down buttons simultaneously, press the Scan/Power/Enter button for 3 seconds. Release the Scan/Power/Enter button, and then the UP/DPI and the JPG/PDF/Multi-PDF/Down buttons.
  • 1111 appears on the display.
  • Do not move the scanner and wait for about 1 minute until 2222 is displayed.
  • When 2222 appears on the display, press the Scan/Power/Enter button.
  • Slide the scanner slowly up and down over the paper until 3333 appears on the display.
  • Continue sliding the scanner over the paper until the scanner is powered off.
  • The calibration has been successfully performed.
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