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Scanned documents are reversed (mirrored)

When this error occurs you need to calibrate the scanner.

To do so:

  • Place the scanner on a clean, white A3 sheet of paper on a flat surface in ambient light.
  • Power on the scanner.
  • While pressing and holding the Up/DPI and the JPG/PDF/Multi-PDF/Down buttons simultaneously, press the Scan/Power/Enter button for 3 seconds. Release the Scan/Power/Enter button, and then the UP/DPI and the JPG/PDF/Multi-PDF/Down buttons.
  • 1111 appears on the display.
  • Do not move the scanner and wait for about 1 minute until 2222 is displayed.
  • When 2222 appears on the display, press the Scan/Power/Enter button.
  • Slide the scanner slowly up and down over the paper until 3333 appears on the display.
  • Continue sliding the scanner over the paper until the scanner is powered off.
  • The calibration has been successfully performed.
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