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IRIScan Book 5 & 5 WiFi - How to activate Readiris 16 ? My activation code does not work

Since 1st of January 2019, we have updated the Software pack for your IRIScan mobile scanner.

To activate the software, you don't need to enter manually an activation code anymore. So please, disregard the activation code printed on a license sheet inside the product box. Do this instead

  • Plug the micro SD card into the slot on the scanner
  • Turn the scanner and plug it into the computer.
  • When you see this icon on the scanner start the software and it should activate itself.

 The activation code will be filled in automatically. You'll only have to click on Activate now.

Activation error:

If the activation results in an error, please open a Support ticket containing the manual activation details.

The code is not filled in:

If the activation code is not filled in automatically, it's probably because the scanner is not correctly recognized/connected.

  1. Make sure that you are using a working USB cable. You can try with other cables to be sure.
  2. Make sure the micro SD card is plugged and is no bigger than 32 GB.
  3. Make sure that the scanner is correctly plugged in the computer and on the scanner.
  4. Make sure that the scanner is switched on.
  5. If it does not work, try to plug the scanner on another USB port of your computer.
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