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How to install driver (Mac)

It may happen that some of you are facing a driver installation problem on Mac with your IRIScan Express 4. We updated the driver recently so we hope that it will make your life easier. Here is the clean procedure to install the driver without any problems.

  1. I'd recommend to download the last version of the software suite on our website via this link : IRIScan Express 4 driver
  2. Once it's done, go to your Downloads folder in the Finder and locate the downloaded file :
  3. Double click on IRIScanExpress4-CDN17085.dmg. It will create Disk icon on your desktop. It looks like this :
  4. It will open a window with the content of the DMG.
  5. If it's the first time that you install the driver, you can directly go to step 9. If you had a previous installation of the IRIScan Express 4 driver, I would recommend to uninstall the old driver first before installing the new one. To do so, double click on Uninstall Scanner. It will open a window wit three files. Click on "Press uninstall". On some Mac, you may receive a warning message saying :

  6. To fix this issue, click on the Apple logo, at the top left of your Mac then click on "System preferences" >  "Security & privacy". You should see something like this :

  7. Click on "Open Anyway" and then "Open". It will open the driver uninstallation window. Click on the window and type your Mac password and press Enter on your keyboard. It's normal that you don't see the letters you are typing in. 

  8. Once it's done, close the window and go back to this window :

  9. Double click on IRIS Scanner.pkg. The installation will finally start normally.

Finally, you did it ! Congrats, your driver is properly installed. You are now able to use your scanner in Capture Tool and Readiris.

If you still some more explanation, do not hesitate to submit a ticket on our Support service.

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