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How to use the IRIScan app on Android

Important Disclaimer: The Android App is no longer available on the Play Store because of Google restrictions. Instead of using the app, we recommend you to connect your device to the Wifi and then go to http://iriscan.anywhere with your browser instead.

This app allows you to scan documents directly to your mobile device via the Scan Direct function, browse the files saved on the microSD card, transfer them to your mobile device, add or delete tags to those files, combine files into a multi-page PDF file, share files via your social media accounts.

  • Download the app from Google Play and install it.
  • Enable the Wifi function on your smart device and connect to the IRIScan network:
    • Press the power button for 3 seconds to power on the scanner.
    • Press the Wifi button for 3 seconds.
      "Starting" appears on-screen.
    • Wait 30-40 seconds for the Wifi to initialize.
      "Ready" appears on-screen once the Wifi mode is enabled and ready for connection.
  • Now connect your device to the scanner:
    • Go to the network settings on your smart device and enable its Wifi function.
    • Search for the IRIScan network and connect to it.
    • When you connect for the first time you are asked for a password. Enter 123456789 as password to connect to the scanner.
    • When the connection is successful, "Connected" appears on-screen.
  • When your device is connected to the scanner, start the IRIScan app.
  • Tap the list icon to access the menu.
    • Dashboard: here you can check the scanner's battery status, the Wifi connection status and the file uploading status.
    • Scan Direct: lets you scan documents directly to the app.
    • File: lets you browse the scans on the microSD card.
    • Tag: here you configure your social media accounts to which you can send scans.
    • Info: provides version info of the app.
  • Inside the menus, tap the list icon to return to the previous menu.
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