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How to configure your scanner in Readiris? (Mac)

Readiris supports all Twain 1.9 compliant scanners, all Image Capture compliant scanners, and IRIScan 3 and higher scanners.

Most Image Capture scanners are plug and play. Before you can use a Twain scanner, however, its drivers need to be installed on your Mac.

Twain scanners

  • Connect your scanner to your Mac and power it on.
  • Install your scanner's Twain driver.

In general, drivers can be found on the CD-ROM provided with your scanner and on the website of your scanner manufacturer. They are not provided by I.R.I.S. Note that some scanner drivers may not work under the latest versions of Mac OS. See the documentation supplied with your scanner to find out which platforms are supported. If necessary, contact your scanner manufacturer.

IRIScan Express scanners

  • Connect your IRIScan Express scanner to your Mac and power it on.
  • If Readiris is part of your IRIScan product, the driver has been installed during the installation of Readiris.

If that is not the case, visit our website to download and install the required driver.

IRISCard Anywhere / IRIScan Anywhere / IRIScan Book scanners

You do not need to install any drivers when using these scanners. They are not Twain driver-based scanners that can be used from within any application to scan documents. Instead, they are designed to be used on their own, disconnected from any computer. The documents you scan are stored in the scanner’s internal memory (or optional SD card / USB flash drive). From there, they can be loaded directly into Readiris when you connect the scanner or insert the SD card or USB flash drive into your Mac.

To check if the scanner driver has been installed successfully:

  • In the Readiris menu, click Preferences.
  • Click the Scanner tab.
  • You should see your scanner listed*.
    If your scanner is not listed, its driver has not been installed successfully.
  • Once the scanner has been configured you can start scanning, using the default scanner settings.

*This is not the case for the IRISCard Anywhere, IRIScan Anywhere and IRIScan Book scanners.

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