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IRIScan Pro 5 Installation Instructions PC

The installation contains this software which correspond to the items on the install menu. Once downloaded double click on the file to get the installation menu pictured below.

  1. Installation Instructions. This page.
  2. Scanner driver for the IRIScan Pro 5. This enables scanning programs to communicate with the scanner via the TWAIN driver.
  3.  Button Manager - Enables the button on the scanner to scan to a wide range of programs, formats and destinations. 
  4. Readiris 16 Corporate OCR - The purpose of the Readiris program is to convert a scanned or preexisting image/PDF into a Word, Excel or searchable PDF document depending on the nature of the document and your goal for it.
  5. Quick User Guide - Link to the IRIScan Pro 5 Product page to access user manuals, software downloads and how to videos.  You will also find a Button Manager specific guide linked below.

Readiris and Cardiris require activation. 

  • To do so plug in and power on the scanner.
  • Start the software and they will detect the presence of the scanner and activate themselves. 

There are two primary ways to scan using the IRIScan Express 4 scanner.

  •  From within the supplied Readiris or Cardiris software
  •  Button Manager  - This loads when you plug in and turn on the scanner and resides in the notification area. It provides a wide array of scanning options and can be configured to output to a variety of outputs and destinations. The number the appear beside correspond to the entry on the scanners LCD screen and can be changed using the⯇⯈ buttons on the scanner. Once set tap the scan button on the scanner to scan using the indicated option.

Readiris Scanner Setup

  1.  In Readiris click on the down arrow under Scan and choose Select Source.
  2. This is where you select the scanner you want to use from among the devices that are attached to your computer. Select: IRIScan Pro 5.6.20 (32-32)
  3. In the scan drop down, click on the Settings. Click on Scanner Model button and select your scanner which is the profile to be used with the driver selected above. Either of these can be used.
     •  IRIS IRIScan Pro 5 (TWAIN)  - All settings controlled by Readiris in the settings window.
     •  IRIS IRIScan Pro 5 (User Interface) (TWAIN) - Settings controlled by User Interface that pops up when you click on scan. 
  4.  Check or uncheck the duplex box to enable or disable double sided scanning

Button Manager usage | See the Button Manager User Guide for additional information,

  • When you plug in the scanner or launch (start menu) the IRIScan Button Manager it should appear in the notification area and load every time you start the computer.
  • Double click on that to bring up the IRIScan Button Manager.
  • The numbers on the items correspond to the FN numbers on the display.
  • Right click on the item you want to use to bring up the Button Properties Window.
  • Check or uncheck the Duplex box at the top depending if you want to scan both sides of the page at the same time.
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