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Excel output problems

Poor Excel conversion is usually caused by broken or incomplete grid lines:

  • When they are incomplete or broken in the image, then the software does not know what to do with those fragments.
  • If they are not present at all or solid and intact,  then the conversion works well.

To solve poor Excel conversion:

  • Use the Adjust image tool to either darken the lines or eliminate them completely.
  • If necessary, rezone the spreadsheet as a table using the Table tool in the Zones tab.
    It may be necessary to delete all the zones by clicking the Delete all zones button and starting fresh.
  • Set the output to XLSX (Excel). Then click the down arrow beneath XLSX and select Spreadsheet settings. Now set the Layout option to Create body text.
  • Go to the SpreadsheetML options tab and check Convert figures into numbers to display number as number and not text.
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