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How to improve the results in Readiris? PC

  • Good recognition results are directly tied to image quality. If the input image is poor then so will be the results. The software works by converting pictures of character shapes into actual text. If the characters are touching or filled in because they are too dark or are broken up because they are too light then the software won't give you good results. It may in fact treat the text as an image with no conversion.
  • To improve the results you get using Readiris, you should scan your document at 300 dpi in grayscale. By doing so, the Adjust Image option will be available to help you process dark or light images.
  • Click the 1:1 button on the lower right of the program and choose 100%.
    This blows up the image so you can see the letter shapes to gauge how light or dark they are. When you inspect the document, the letters should not be touching each other, nor should they be filled in, faded or broken up.
  • Next click on the Page tab and click on Adjust.
  • Move the Brightness/Contrast sliders and click Apply. Repeat until satisfied with the appearance and then click OK.
  • Process to an output file.
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