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How to separate batches of image files

(This section applies to Readiris Corporate only)

When you are processing batches of image files and don't want Readiris to convert them into a single output file, you can use the Split here command to separate them.

To do so:

  • Import all the images you want to process.
  • In the Pages panel, indicate at which page you want Readiris to start a new document:
    • Select the page.
    • Then right-click it and click Split here.
    • The document is split into two different documents.
    • To cancel this action, right-click the split page and click again Split here.

Note: if you want the cover pages to be included in the output documents, select the corresponding Document Separation options:

  • Click the Readiris button.
  • Then click Advanced Settings and click the Document Processing tab.
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