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How to separate batch documents

(This section applies to Readiris Corporate only)

When you are scanning entire stacks of paper - on a scanner equipped with a document feeder for instance - it can be useful to indicate where one document ends and another begins. That way, Readiris can generate a separate output file for each document. This avoids your having to scan only one document at a time.

Let's say you're scanning a stack of 30 pages. The first 10 pages belong to Document 1, pages 11 to 20 belong to Document 2 and pages 21 to 30 belong to Document 3. If you indicate that your stack of paper in fact contains 3 documents, Readiris will generate 3 separate output files.

How to separate paper documents

With Readiris, there are 2 ways in to separate paper documents. You can do this by means of:

  • Blank pages
    In this case you simply put a blank page between two sheets of paper to indicate where the new document begins.
  • Cover pages containing a barcode
    In this case you can, for instance, put a barcode sticker on each first page of a document.

To access the document separation options:

  • Click the Readiris button, and then click Advanced Settings.
  • Click the Document Processing tab.
  • Indicate which separation method you are going to use: Detect blank pages or Detect cover pages with a barcode.

When you are using cover pages with barcodes, you can indicate where exactly on the page the barcodes are located, by means of a read zone. Once you have defined the read zone, Readiris will only search for barcodes in that specific area.

Tip: in order to know the dimensions of the read zone, use the Coordinates function in Readiris:

  • Click the Zones tab, and select Coordinates.
  • Now move the cursor over the image to see the coordinates.

You can also indicate specific content your barcodes contain. When you select this option, Readiris will only look for the content you specified. Other barcodes will be ignored as cover page. This feature is recommended if your documents contain barcodes on other pages as well, and not only on the cover pages.

The Recognition options
If your barcode cover pages also contain other content - besides the barcodes - which you want to include in your output documents, then select the option Include cover pages in output documents.
The option Apply page analysis to cover pages splits the cover pages up into recognition zones, just like regular pages.

By means of the option Apply layout to cover pages you can use one of your zoning templates to split up the cover pages into recognition zones. For more information on how to use zoning templates, see the section Using Zoning Templates in the User Guide.

The Indexing options
In case you want Readiris to generate an XML index file containing detailed information on the processed documents, select the option Generate an XML index.

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