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How to calibrate the scanner

Important: calibrate the scanner only if the scanned image looks fuzzy, deformed or if the color looks abnormal (e.g. darker or lighter than normal).

  • Remove the microSD card from the scanner.
  • Press the power button for 3 seconds to power on the scanner.
  • Press and hold the JPG/PDF/up button. While holding that button push the Enter button.

  • Release both buttons simultaneously to enter the auto-calibration mode.
  • The following message appears on the LCD screen: "1. Insert the calibration sheet".
  • Insert the white calibration sheet as the arrow indicates with the text side facing down.
  • The scanner will now start scanning the calibration card. During the scanning process the scanner will stop for a moment. Meanwhile the following messages appears: "2. Calibration in progress!". 
  • Wait for about 40 seconds. The scanner will finish scanning the rest of the card.
  • When the message "3. Calibration completed!" appears, the calibration has been completed.
  • Press any button to power off the scanner.
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