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How to obtain good recognition results?

The quality of the recognition results depends on a number of factors and you are advised to check the following points:


The document language
Make sure you select the right OCR Language in the User settings (ALD or Manual). Especially if your document mixes languages.
The quality of the scanned documents
If the scanned documents are too bright, or too dark, Readiris PDF might have trouble recognizing them.
The rotation of your image
Make sure the imported image has the right rotation. If not, use the Rotate tool in the Image processing options.
The resolution of your imported images
If you are using a scanner to scan documents, the image quality is also linked to the scanner settings. See the section Configure your scanner to make sure the right settings have been selected for your scanner.
Make the scan resolution is set to 300 dpi for regular documents and to 400 dpi for small print and Asian languages.
The recognition zones
see Page Analysis
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