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IRIScan Desk 5/6 Pro & Business - How to scan business cards

Scan your business cards using IRIScan Desk and export them to multipleformats using Cardiris.

The TWAIN Driver allows you to use the IRIScan™ Desk scanner with Cardiris™.

  1. Make sure the TWAIN Driver is installed.
  2. Make sure IRIScan™ Desk scanner is plugged in
  3. Open Cardiris™
  4. Within the ribbon, click Scan in Cardiris™
  5. The TWAIN user interface opens TWAIN User Interface
  6. Place your business cards on the ScanPad. TIP: For good OCR quality, we recommend using the default settings
  7. Click Capture. The result of the capture is displayed in the right-hand side panel
  8. Click OK to import the result in Cardiris™.
  9. For help on how to use Cardiris™, go to the Help menu in Cardiris™

The Settings in the TWAIN UI being similar to those in IRIScan™ Desk, you can refer to the previous chapters of this manual for help.Note that this interface is available in several languages.

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