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How to add a QR code

QR codes can be very handy nowadays as they can be read and understood by mobile devices.

Let's take, for example, the QR code 'mailto'.


  1. Go to Edit in the Icon bar Edit button
  2. Click on Add Barcode Add Barcode.  The Properties panel opens
  3. Select type QR
  4. Enter an email address in the text field with prefix 'mailto:'.  Example: mailto:[email protected]
  5. Draw the box on the page. The QR code is displayed
  6. Drag and drop the barcode box where you want.  Rotate and resize it according to your needs
  7. Click on Save Save button to export it to your favorite format (PDF, Image, DOCX, HTML or PPTX). 


The QR code is included in your document.  Anyone who scans it with a smartphone can easily send an email to that recipient or save it as a contact. 

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