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HP Scanner TWAIN driver troubleshooting

Older models without HP Smart

Older Laserjet & Officejet models do not use the HP Smart, so the download and installation is straight forward. You will find that at the HP link below. Click the Printer icon and enter the model number to find the resources for that unit.

Newer models with HP Smart

For models that use the HP Smart it is supposed to allow you to access the rest of the HP software. Sometimes it does not. So, you will need to go to the link above look for the “Easy Start… - Offline use only. This is usually hundreds of MB. Sometimes all that is available is a 10 MB or so “HP Easy Start Printer Setup Software.”

The installation will either go forward and complete successfully or you will get a never ending wait circle.

If the second situation arises then do this.

  • Go to and download and install 7zip, a free zip utility.
  • Go to your downloads folder and right click on the downloaded file.
  • On Windows 11 you will need to click the "Show more options" at the bottom of the menu.
  • Select the 7zip item which cascades out to a number of choices.
  • Choose Extract to "HPEasyStart-12.1.03-OJP840_49_8_4576_1_Full_Webpack.exe"
  • Go that folder that was extracted and open the Driver folder
  • In the Driver folder double click on the Installer.exe to begin the installation
  • If the HP is connected by Wi-Fi or Ethernet you may need to supply the IP address in the dialog to find the scanner.

 For example:

If all that was available was the 10 MB Easy Start and it does not install, then you will need to go into the user’s temp folder (%temp%) and copy out the folder that contains the installer. Then follow the procedure above.

  • Start the installation and if it does not go work leave it open.
  • Press the Window key on your keyboard and then the letter R to bring up the Run Dialog.
  • Type or paste this text : %temp%
  • This will open your temp folder. Look for a folder from today
  • Open to make sure it is the HP Install.
  • Copy that folder to your downloads folder or other location.
  • Close the HP installer that we had left open
  • Go to the folder that you copies over and run the Installer.exe in the Driver folder as outlined above.
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