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Nothing happens when I click on a software to install it

Some users encounter the following problem: They want to install a software but when they click on its name, nothing happens.

To resolve this problem, simply install an archive extractor such as WinRar and extract the content of the download file of the IRIS scanner software.

To do so, follow these steps :

At first, right click on the downloaded file:

A list will appear with a series of options, choose "Extract to IRIScan_TheNameofYourScanner_VersionofSoftware" :

Then, a folder will be created in the same folder where the initial download file is located. Open this folder by double clicking on it.

You are now inside the folder and you can install each software separately.

For example, to install Readiris, open the folder of the same name and double-click on "setup.exe". The software will install correctly. These steps need to be repeated for each IRIS software in the folder.

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