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Walkthrough IRIScan Anywhere 5 - PC

First know that you will not be able to start a scan with the supplied Readiris/Cardiris or any other software because that is not how the product has been designed to work. It is what makes the scanner completely portable without requiring a computer to operate. Instead everything you scan will be saved on the micro SD card plugged into the side of the scanner.

  1. Charge the scanner using the USB cable with your computer or USB wall adapter.
  2. Insert the micro SD into the back of the scanner.
  3. Press and hold the Enter button on the scanner to power it on.
  4. Tap the Gear icon to enter the Scanner Settings.
  5. Tap Enter to Select and up/down arrows to scroll.Select the scan format by pressing the up arrow (JPG/PDF) and resolution (300, 600 900 dpi) by pressing the down arrow.
  6. Feed your pages face up into the front of the scanner one right after another.

Access/Transfer files

  1. Unplug the micro SD from the scanner and use the adapter to plug it into an SD slot on your computer.
  2. Leave the micro SD plugged into the scanner and plug the scanner itself into the computer with the USB cable. Press the Enter button so the screen displays the USB icon.  The scanner will be seen as removable storage like a USB flash drive
  3. Wi-Fi - With the scanner unplugged and turned on press and hold the Wi-Fi gear icon on the scanner.  
    a. The screen will display "Starting" then "Ready".  
    b. Open the Windows Wi-Fi dialog and choose the IRIScan. When asked for a password use; 123456789  
    c. Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox etc.) and type in the address bar to access the images store on the scanner.


The IRIScan Anywhere 5 product comes with this software.

  • Readiris - The purpose of the program is to convert a scanned or preexisting image/PDF into a Word, Excel or searchable PDF document depending on the nature of the document and your goal for it.
  • Cardiris - Process business cards to an internal contact manager or export to Outlook or other contact managers.

Process with included Readiris software

To convert the JPG or PDF files to Word, searchable PDF or combine multiple images into one output file,  use method 1 and Start the Readiris software. It will detect the images and offer to open them for you.

  1. To select all the images - Single click on the first image then hold down the shift key and select the last.
  2. To select some of the images - Single click on the first image then hold down the Ctrl key and select the desired images.    
    ♦  To remove the images from the scanner check the box at the bottom for Delete scans after recognition.
  3. Select the desired output format by clicking in top box in the Output Section on the Home tab.  
    ♦  For PDF use Adobe Acrobat PDF Searchable Image (*.PDF)  
    ♦  For Word use DOCX or DOC.Click the Send button to process.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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