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How to recognize barcodes

Both the Readiris Pro and Corporate you can recognize barcodes. However only in the Corporate version can barcodes be used to separate documents in a batch.

Note: Readiris supports most widespread 2D barcodes. Readiris supports laser printed and inkjet printed barcodes.

To define which barcodes Readiris should recognize:

  • Click the Readiris button, and then click Advanced Settings.
  • Click the Barcodes tab.
  • Select the barcode types you want Readiris to recognize.

Important note: Readiris Corporate automatically recognizes barcodes to separate documents, but the barcodes zones themselves are not recognized as barcodes. In most cases, they are recognized as images.

Recognizing barcodes manually:

  • Scan or Open your document.
  • Click the Zones tab.
  • Click the Barcode icon and draw a frame around the barcode.
  • OR right-click the barcode zones that are incorrectly recognized as image, then point to Zone > Type and select Barcode
  • Then click Start to save or send your document..

Recognizing a particular barcode
In case you need to use the content of a particular barcode:

  • Draw a barcode zone around the barcode.
  • Then right-click inside the zone and click Copy as Data.

The content of the zone is copied to the Clipboard. You can now paste it in other applications.

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