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IRIScan Desk - How to optimize scanning results

Edge fixing

Edge-fixing may affect pictures in the document. Indeed, the black color can also be detected as a zone to be hidden

Finger hiding (Book mode)

For better results, make sure

  • you keep black edges around the book. 
  • you keep up and down edges symmetrical.
  • the document has a margin in which your fingers can fit. Indeed, without margin, the result of the option 'Finger hiding' cannot be guaranteed, because the fingers that overlap text or image are not detected.
  • to avoid pages with colored drawings. 


When working with direct bright sunlight on your document, be aware

  • that the shadow of the IRIScan™Desk may appear on your document before scanning. Once scanned, the shadow is part of the original content. There is no way to hide it or to remove it. It may reduce OCR quality. TIP: the rotate option can be used to move a shadow or the sunlight outside the scanner lens.
  • that some bright reflections can appear depending on the paper color or quality...

Glossy paper

Glossy paper is NOT recommended as it gives lower quality results due to light reflections. 

White Balance

The white color may appear bluish or yellowish if white is not the dominant color in your image (images with large color blocks). When this happens, you can try to insert A4 white paper in the background of the document, which helps to correct the color as much as possible. White balance -bluish result for white color White balance -correction of white color with added white in background.

Video recording

Zoom in or Zoom out is not registered if applied during video recording.

Barcodes(Pro 5)

Only one type of Barcode can be recognized on the same page. A combination of the two types (bars and QR) may give a partial result.


For optimal results of OCR, make sure you set the watermark outside the text (applicable to output formats PDF searchable, PDF Txt, Word, Text, Excel).

Font size/Font style

Font size under 8 and/or font style ‘light’ may give lower image quality and OCR accuracy.  

Email client (for Output)

IRIScan Desk is not compatible with the native email client of Windows 10.

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