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IRIScan Desk - How to setup the scanner

Scanner setup

1. Place the Scan Pad on your desk next to your PC, and then place the IRIScan™ Desk on the far end of the ScanPad (some marks are drawn on the mat). 

WARNING: The dark color Scan Pad is used to ensure a good image and accurate cropping of the targeted objects. Not using it may give bad results.

2. Connect the IRIScan™ Desk scanner to your PC via a USB cable. 

3. Now you are ready to open the software. If the device is not detected correctly, the detection keeps turning and a message is displayed on the screen to help you. 

WARNING: This software is distributed with a dedicated scanner: the IRIScan™Desk. This software can bring out its full and powerful potentials only when working with the qualified scanner hardware. If working with non-qualified scanners, some or all of the features in this software might NOT work.

Integrated lamp

IRIScan™Desk comes with an integrated lamp offering 3 luminous intensities. It can be useful in case your scanning environment is quite dark. To switch it on, simply touch the forefront of the scanner arm. Per default, the first luminous intensity is the strongest. To change intensity, simply touch it again. At the fourth touch, the lamp switches off.

External capture button (Pro 5 PC only)

A physical scan button can be plugged in the IRIScan™Desk scanner or directly in your PC thanks to the USB connector.It can replace the scan button available in the ribbon of each tab in the software.

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