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Tips for taking pictures with a digital camera

  • Calibrate the camera by photographing a white document (before using it with Readiris)
  • Always select the highest image resolution.
  • Enable the macro mode of the camera to take close-ups.
  • Enable the document mode of the camera (if any).
  • Only use optical zoom, not digital zoom.
  • Hold the camera directly above the document. Avoid photographing documents at an angle.

In case the angle should not be correct, you can correct it using the 3D Correction feature. See Section 7: Editing the Recognized Documents > Modifying the Page Options > 3D Correction in the User Guide.

  • Produce stable images. Use a tripod if necessary.
  • Disable the flash when photographing glossy paper.
  • Avoid opening compressed camera images.
  •  Adapt the Readiris brightness and contrast settings to the environment (daylight, lamp light, neon light).

See Selecting the Scanner Settings in the User Guide for more information.

  • Select color or grayscale as color mode in Readiris.
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