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How to activate Readiris 17 for Mac

We are moving Readiris to a new activation scheme as of July of 2023 starting with version 17.18. It uses a 36 digit code with hyphens that is entered in a single field.

Existing users can continue to use their existing code.

Start the software and when asked to activate:

  • Copy the Activation code (from your email order confirmation).
  • Right-click inside the field and select Paste so that you don't have to type it in.
    This will populate each box automatically so you don't have to type it all in.
  • Click Activate and the software should activate automatically.
    Note that direct internet access is required to activate the software.

If it fails you will see the sequence of windows appear as pictured below.

When the activation fails you will see a window that says:

Manual Activation | Cancel | Retry

  1. Click on the Manual Activation button 
  2. Click now on Save as text file... and send us this .txt by attaching that file to a support ticket.

     We will use that information to generate and return a license file. 

  3. When you receive the file start the software and click the "Import a license file" button and select the lservrc file that you have saved on your Mac.


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