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How to configure your scanner in Readiris (Windows)

In order to scan documents in Readiris, your scanner must be configured correctly:

  • Make sure your scanner is connected to your computer, and switched on.

Note: the scanner should be physically connected to your computer with a USB cable. An Ethernet or wireless connection may also be used if the Twain driver supplied by the manufacturer has been engineered with that capability.

  • Make sure you have the latest available Twain driver installed for your scanner.

In general, drivers can be found on the website of your scanner manufacturer. They are not provided by I.R.I.S. Note that some scanner drivers may not work under the latest versions of Windows. See the documentation supplied with your scanner to find out which platforms are supported. If necessary, contact your scanner manufacturer.

Readiris 17 Scanner Setup

  1.  In Readiris click on the down arrow under Scan and choose Select Source. 
  2. This is where you select the scanner you want to use from among the devices that are attached to your computer. How it is labeled will specify what kind of connection it is.
    a)    USB = TWAIN
    b)    Ethernet or Wireless =  "NET" or "LAN"  or IP address in the entry for your scanner
  3.  In the scan drop down, click on the Settings. Click on Scanner Model button and select your scanner which is the profile to be used with the driver selected above. 
  4.  If there is no listing for your model use the Universal setting; Twain <other models>.
  5. Check the ADF box to enable the Automatic document feeder, if available on your scanner model.

This is what these options mean when setting up the scanner.

  • Scanner Model button = Sets a profile to use with the scanner driver.
  • Configure/Select Source = The selection of the TWAIN driver loaded by the software that came with your scanner.

Note: If the Scan another page box is checked then the ADF (Automatic document feeder) will not be available. Uncheck it first so you can use the ADF.

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