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macOS Big Sur - Product compatibility

Dear Customer,

The new macOS version named “Big Sur” is now available but is working only with 64-bits applications.

The latest version of IRIScan Mouse for Mac is only a 32-bits application.

If you wish to keep using IRIScan Mouse for Mac we advise you not to upgrade your Mac OS to Big Sur. The software is compatible with macOS 10.13 and macOS 10.14

If you have already upgraded to macOS Big Sur, unfortunately you will not be able to use IRIScan Mouse for Mac anymore. We recommend you to check with Apple Support on how to downgrade to a compatible version.

List of IRIS products compatible with macOS Big Sur 11:


- Readiris PDF - PRO - CORPORATE 17.1.3 (Full version)

- Readiris Pro 16.2.3 (Full version)

- Readiris Corporate 16.2.3 (Full version)

Portables scanners:
- IRIScan Book 3, IRIScan Book 5, IRIScan Book 5 Wifi

- IRIScan Anywhere 5 & IRIScan Anywhere 5 Wifi

- IRIScan Express 4 (More information)

- IRIScan Executive 4 (More information)

- IRIScan Pro 3 Wifi

- IRIScan Pro 5 (More information)

- IRISPen Executive 7, IRISPen Air 7

List of IRIS products that WILL BE compatible with macOS Big Sur 11
(under development):

- IRIScan Desk 5

List of IRIS products that WON'T BE compatible with macOS Big Sur 11:

- IRISNotes Air 3

- IRIScan Mouse Executive 2

- IRIScan Mouse Wifi

- IRIScan Mouse 2

- Older non-supported products

We would like to thank you for your understanding.


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