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Image processing features Process image button aim to obtain the best possible scan results. The higher the quality of the scans, the higher the recognition accuracy.


In the Ribbon mode, go to tab Edit > Image Processing to find the image processing features.

Image processing options in Edit tab

Some image processing features listed below require setting properties. Thus, a Properties panel opens if applicable.  

In the Properties panel, you can modify, apply or cancel your settings


Icon/tooltip Description Properties
Auto-rotate Auto-rotate rotates images automatically  
Rotate 90°    
Rotate 180°    
Rotate 270°    
Deskew Deskew aligns a scanned image horizontally to compensate for skewing  
Contrast brightness Adjust the contrast and the brightness levels to color or grayscale images
  • Brightness slider: optimizes the intensity of light
  • Contrast slider: optimizes the distinction between lighter and darker areas
  • Gamma slider: gamma optimizes the contrast and brightness in the midtones
Grayscale Grayscale converts color images into grayscale images  
Binarize Binarize turns color and grayscale images into binary (black-and-white) images
  • Brightness slider: optimizes the intensity of light
  • Contrast slider: optimizes the distinction between lighter and darker areas
  • Smoothing slider: it removes noise from the scans. The higher the value, the higher the removal
Negative Negative inverts the colors of the scanned documents  
Crop Crop the image by defining an area.
  • Click on Crop.  The Properties panel opens. 
  • Click the mouse and draw a box around the section you want to crop.
  • Drag and drop the box where you want and resize it according to your needs.
  • Click Apply in the Properties panel. 
Once the cropping is applied, you cannot come back to the original image. You will need to import or scan it again.
Click Cancel to remove your cropping selection (before applying) and close the Properties panel
Remove black borders Remove black borders (or dark surroundings) 
  • Border: 1 (low), 2 (medium), 3 (high)
  • Crop to a selected area of the image: tick the box to enable the cropping
Remove punch holes Remove black punch holes from your page   
Perspective correction Correct the perspective distortions of your page (3D correction)
  • Automatic crop
Downscale Reduce the size of your page
  • Downscale percentage (from 100% to 1%)
Text Removal Remove all recognized text zones (on single page view).
  • Go to the Object Panel to show the zones (slide button).  Text zones are identified in blue. 
  • Remove the text zones for the text you want to keep: select text zone, right-click+Delete.
  • Click on Text removal.  
    The text of the remaining zones is removed. 
For more information on recognition zones. go to Page Analysis.
  • Type: normal, best quality or fast
  • Dilate the text area in pixels (from 0 to 10)
  • Radius of the Inpainting (from 0 to 15)
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