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IRIScan Desk 6 Business PC Installation Instructions

  • Download the software pack from
  • The IRIScan Desk 6 Business installer saves to your downloads folder.
  • When complete double click on the file and in a moment it will display the install menu pictured below. 
  • Click on each of these items in order to install the necessary components and software.
  1. IRIScan Desk Pro software - Core everyday software for using the product. 
  2. TWAIN driver - Allows other scanning software to scan using the Desk Scanner
  3. Readiris Corporate 17 - Full page OCR convert scanned or preexisting image/PDF into a Word, Excel or searchable PDF document depending on the nature of the document and your goal for it.
  4. Cardiris Corporate - Software for processing business cards to be retained in its own database or exported to contact managers such as Outlook or Google Contacts.
  5. IRISmart File - Activation Code included in the package. Software to drag and drop information on scanned image to name files or folders. Useful for invoices etc. 

Choose files or drag and drop files
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