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IRIScan Desk - How to scan a single page document

Discover how to scan a document in IRIScan Desk. You'll see, it's very easy!

To scan a single page document, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Document tab in the Ribbon
  2. Set the Cropping to 'Automatic'. This instructs the software to search for a single meaningful document in the preview and crop out a good image. Once a meaningful object is detected, you see a green color frame drawn around the document in the preview window, as illustrated in the diagram below. The software will also automatically repair the image edge and remove some undesiredshadows
  3. Set the Scan Mode to 'Single Page'. This instructs the software to only capture one page of the document and the Export is executed immediately after scanning.
  4. Set the Output Format to the output format of your choice (.jpg, .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .txt).
  5. Set the Image Settings to 'Color (Original)'
  6. If you selected an output format with text recognition (PDF searchable, Word, Excel, Text), then do select the right Languagefor OCR
  7. Set the Sort By to 'Serial' or 'Date & Time'
  8. Click on Scan in the Ribbon. The output file has been exported in the Output Folder pan
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