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IRISPen 7 - How do I use the dongle?

Important: the dongle can only be used on a Windows PC. It cannot be used on Mac OS.

The dongle is used to connect the IRISPen to your computer via Bluetooth.

  • Insert the provided dongle into a free USB (2.0) port.
  • Press the scanning tip for 3 seconds to power on the pen.
  • The blue Bluetooth led blinks slowly while the pen is being paired to your computer.
  • When the Bluetooth connection has been established the blue led stays on.
  • When you connect the IRISPen for the first time, the IRISPen Tour is started automatically.


The pairing does not require a password.

The pairing may take some time to complete.

In case the IRISPen is connected but you don't see it on your device, make sure it is not connected to another device nearby.

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