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Configure input settings

Configure your local folder 

  1. In the input area, click on the Option menu more options menu (Input settings) below the Open button Open buttonA window opens.
  2. Define the file format you want to consider for importing.
  3. Check the box 'Use file name' if you want to reuse the same name for your imported document.


Configure your scanner 

Readiris PDF is compatible with: 

It supports almost any flatbed and sheet-fed scanner, all-in-one device, digital camera and scanner currently available
32-bit drivers
It supports 32-bit scanners only!
Simplex & Duplex
Scanners that offer duplex scanning are supported
Scanners with USB plugin are supported


  1. In the input area, click on the Option menu more options menu (Scan settings) below the Scan button Scan button A window opens.
  2. Select your scanner from the drop down list.  All the available scanners (i.e. connected to your computer) have been detected. 


On The Fly Operations

Whether you are opening a file or scanning a document, you can define 'On The Fly' Operations.  

Four image processing operations are available: 

  • Delete blank pages
  • Auto-rotate pages
  • Deskew pages
  • Remove black borders

Select the operations you want to be executed while opening a file or scanning a document.  Combinations are allowed. Be aware however that the more operations you select, the more time the opening or the scanning will take.


Note: In the Ribbon mode, go to tab Home > Capture. Clicking on the small down arrow besides the From File button or besides the From Scanner button opens the settings windows.
 Capture section in Home tab

Choose files or drag and drop files
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