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Compose features Compose button allow you to organize your document.


In the Ribbon mode, go to tab Compose to find the compose features.

Compose tab in Classic Ribbon

Some Compose features listed below require setting properties. Thus, a Properties panel opens if applicable.  

In the Properties panel, you can modify, apply or cancel your settings.


Icon/tooltip Description Properties
New document Create a new document
  • Click on New document
  • Enter a document name. Click OK.
Split document
  • Open the document you want to split
  • Select the page from which you want a split to occur (it will include that page and the next ones). Use thumbnail panel or multi-page mode.
  • Click on Split
  • Enter a name for the new document to be created
  • The new document is created and contains the split content
Merge documents
  • Open the document you want to merge
  • Click on Merge
  • Choose the Document name you want to merge into
  • Check the box Merge on top if you want your document to be inserted before (by default, it is inserted after)
  • Click OK
  • The first document is added into the second one (on top or at the end according to your choice)
Insert document Insert a document from file only
  • Open the document in which you want to insert another one (or more)
  • Click on Insert. The import file dialog opens 
  • Select one or more files
  • Click OK
  • The selected file is added into the current one
To insert a page/document from a scanner, use the Append feature.
Blank page
  • Select a page (from thumbnail panel or multi-page view)
  • Click on Blank page
  • A blank page is inserted after the selected page
The blank page is the same size as the previous page. If you start your document with a blank page, then by default an A4 is created.
Extract document Extract page(s) out of your current document.  Extracted pages are not removed from the current document. They are copied into a new document.
  • Open the document from which you want to extract one or several pages.  Select the pages to be extracted (cf. thumbnail panel or multi-page view).
  • Click on Extract
  • Choose the Document name for your new document
  • Click OK
  • A new document is created out of your extracted pages
Cut Cut the selected page(s) and copy to clipboard (Ctrl+X)  
Copy Copy the selected page(s) and copy to clipboard (Ctrl+C)  
Paste Paste the content of the clipboard (Ctrl+V, paste after per default)  
Delete pages
  • Select the page(s) you want to delete (from thumbnail panel or multi-page view)
  • Click on Delete pages
  • A confirmation box appears: click yes or no


Tip: From the thumbnail panel or from the multi-page view, you can:

  • reorder pages by dragging and dropping
  • cut, copy, paste, split, merge and delete pages by right-clicking on a thumbnail or a page
Choose files or drag and drop files
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