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IRIScan Desk - How to scan a multiple page document

To scan a multiple page document, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Document tab in the Ribbon
  2. Set the Cropping feature option to 'Automatic'
  3. Set the Scan Mode to 'Multiple page'. This instructs the software to capture multiple pages of the document
  4. Set the Scan Interval to 'Manual'. This instructs the software to wait for the user to click Scan before each capture . (You can also select the 'Automatic' option to let the software self-detect the page turning process, or use 'Repeat (5/7 sec)' options to let the software repeatedly capture images after 5 or 7 seconds.)
  5. Set the Output Format to the output format of your choice (.jpg, .pdf, .docx, .xlsx, .txt).
  6. Set the Image Settings to 'Color (Original)'
  7. If you selected an output format with text recognition (PDF searchable, Word, Excel, Text), then do select the right Language for OCR
  8. Set the Sort By option to 'Serial' or 'Date & Time'
  9. Click Scan to capture one page. A new page is added in the Preview thumbnails. Repeat.10. After all pages have been captured, click Export. A new file has been exported in the Output Folder panel

TIP: During the image capture process, you can manipulate the temporary images in the Preview thumbnails, such as rotate the image, move an image up or down the list, delete the image, or insert a new image. You can also click on the Clear button (bin) to delete all images when you are done. By double-clicking on a thumbnail, the Document Page Editor opens. This Editor allows you to rework the result of your scan, page per page.

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