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IRIScan Express 4 & Executive 4 - Mi escáner muestra el error 2019 - Windows

Error 2019 is displayed when Windows fails to detect the scanner driver on your machine. To solve this problem, please reinstall it properly, making sure you download the latest version:

  • Unplug the USB cable from the scanner
  • Close Readiris
  • Uninstall the "IRIScan Executive 4 driver" or "IRIScan Express 4 driver" and the Buton Manager via the control panel.
  • Install the new driver and install the ButtonManager again:
  • Connect the USB cable
  • Start scanning

If the problem has not been resolved, open the Windows Start menu ► Settings ► System ► Power and Sleep ► Additional power settings on the right ► Change scheduling settings ► Change advanced power settings ► USB settings ► Set to Disabled.

It is also worth testing by changing the usb cable. The IRIScan Express/Executive 4 uses a standard micro usb cable.

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