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IRIScan Desk - How to scan a Book

Discover how to scan a book in IRIScan Desk

First, watch the Demo Video that shows you how to hold the book for a proper scan.

With the option Finger hiding checked, your fingers that are positioned as in the demo video are hidden.

To scan a Book into one PDF file, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Book tab in the Ribbon
  2. Set the Scan Interval to 'Automatic'. This instructs the software to self-detect the page flipping process. You can also use the'Repeat (5/7 sec)' options to let the software repeatedly capture images after 5 or 7 seconds.) 
  3. Tip: The book mode offers you to capture a Front Cover and a Back Cover: Click Front Cover in the Preview thumbnails, thenScan. Click Back Cover, then Scan. Selecting those covers disable some parameters in the ribbon. Simply unselect to enable theaccess to those parameters again.
  4. Check the Finger hiding box
  5. Set the Image Settings feature option to 'Color (Original)'
  6. Set the Output format to 'PDF (Searchable)'
  7. Set the Sort by 'Serial' or 'Date & Time'
  8. Click Scan to capture one double page, then you should see a new double page has been added on the left side in thePreview thumbnails; Click Stop if you have chosen Scan Interval 'Automatic' or 'Repeat' and you want to stop the scanning.
  9. After all pages have been captured, click Export. The Export Settings Window opens.
  10. Select Merge left and right pages (default selection).
  11. Click Export. A new PDF file has been created in the Output column (right). 

During the image capture process, you can manipulate the temporary images on the Preview thumbnails column, such as move an image up or down the list, or delete the image. You also have access to the buttons Clear all or unselect/select all thumbnails.

By double-clicking on a thumbnail, the Book Page Editor opens. This Editor allows you to rework the result of your scan, page per page(especially the cropping).

Export Settings Window

1. When ready, click Export. The Export Settings Window opens

2. Select your option of export.

3. Click Export.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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