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IRIScan Desk 5/6 Pro & Business - How to scan an ID card and export to Excel

IRIScan Desk can scan ID cards and send them to Excel.

To scan an MRZ code (on an ID card) and export the result in an EXCEL file, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the ID Documents tab in the Ribbon
  2. Set the Cropping to 'Automatic'
  3. Set the Scan Mode to 'Multiple page'. This allows you to scan for several MRZ codes before exporting
  4. You can choose your Scan Interval
  5. Set the Output Format to 'Excel'. This instructs the software to export the scanned codes in an EXCEL file (without image file)
  6. Set the Image Settings to 'Color (Original)'
  7. Set the Sort by to 'Serial number', or 'Date & Time'
  8. In the Camera scanner toolbar, select Manual Cropping . Crop the image by selecting the MRZ code only.
  9. Click Scan in the Ribbon.
  10. Swap ID cards and fit the MRZ code into the cropping frame you defined manually.
  11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 as many times as needed.
  12. When finished, click Export. An EXCEL file has been created in the Output Folder panel.
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